Australian Mumpreneur Ambassador Feature – Hayley Blieden


Last year our Founder, Hayley Blieden nabbed the 2017 Rising Star Award by The Australian Mumpreneur Foundation, highlighting her inspiring work and dedication to both her family and business.

They recently featured her on their website as an ambassador. Hayley shared the inspiration for her business and the questions that led her to researching Australian superfoods… “What are we missing?… What sustained indigenous Australians..” Questions that most Australians haven’t even thought to consider.

Much of the health and wellness industry has focused on the benefits of imported superfoods. By “spearheading the change, through our retail products and also through the use of our ingredients by chefs” The Australian Superfood Co. “celebrates the wonderful flavours of native Aussie ingredients”. This in turn supports the Indigenous community, the people who first discovered and harvested these botanicals.

Hayley revealed that, through purchasing these ingredients, the company is able to support indigenous communities. Our partners Red Dust enable us to give back even further by helping to facilitate their programs.

It’s Hayley’s goal to make native ingredients a mainstay amongst the Australian diet. She notes that the uniqueness of the products is one of the greatest challenges the business faces. Hayley says that the raw bars and granolas are just one of the ways she has addressed this challenge, presenting consumers with a ready made product instead of expecting them to know how to use the ingredients themselves.

It’s a mammoth task that Hayley has taken on and she has done it all whilst juggling family life and her own health and wellbeing. Since winning the Rising Star Award Hayley’s family has grown with the addition of her son, Levi. She credits the business with teaching her how to achieve a work-life balance as well as enhancing her problem solving skills. Qualities that help her not only in business, but in home life too!

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