Hayley Blieden awarded Ausmumpreneur Rising Star 2017


We always knew she was a winner, but now she’s got the trophy to prove it! Our Founder, Hayley Blieden was awarded the 2017 Rising Star Award by The Australian Mumpreneur Foundation in August , highlighting her inspiring work and dedication to both her family and business.

The 2017 Rising Star Award recognizes women who are creating freedom, flexibility, family time, success and the money for themselves and their families. The award also highlights exceptional first-time business owners who have been in business for 2 – 5 years and have shown exquisite growth and innovation. See here to read up about all the finalists.

As a mum to her 2 year old girl Mila, Hayley is now busier than ever but she is excited to see interest in Indigenous foods rising throughout Australia. As well as building brand awareness for The Australian Superfood Co., Hayley focuses on a multi-faceted approach to her work and organisation, including sourcing as much produce as possible from indigenous communities around Australia to encourage them to continue sourcing and growing the industry where possible.

Hayley attended the The 2017 Ausmumpreneur Awards with the support of her husband and daughter by her side.  “It was a long day and sitting in the audience amongst such talented and well respected women made me a little nervous,”  Blieden says.  “I have always been passionate about nutrition and business.I knew I didn’t want to follow the traditional dietitian’s path, choosing instead to focus on designing foods that enhance the way people feel and perform. I never thought that all of this would some day lead to such an award and it truly is a dream come true!”

Hayley continues to amaze us in all that she does. Her leadership skills, work ethic, creativity, motivation and commitment is admirable. We are so excited for Hayley and can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve next!






Some abstract has been taken from Hayleys interview with GRAM magazine. For her full interview see HERE.



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