Hayley’s Journey


Established by Certified Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist Hayley Blieden in 2015, The Australian Superfood Co celebrates native Australian ingredients, its rich history, cultural significance and the Indigenous communities who produce it.

Hayley always knew she didn’t want to follow traditional dietitian’s path. Instead, her passion was on creating foods that would enhance the way people feel and perform. A growing global interest in superfoods sparked her curiosity about Australian superfoods, so she began researching native Australian ingredients.

She travelled to Alice Springs where, set against the stark beauty of the Australian desert at Uluru, Hayley tasted native fruits and herbs – lemon myrtle, wattleseed, Kakadu plum, and finger lime – for the first time. Hayley knew that these distinctive foods, which sustained Indigenous Australians for so long, needed to be made available to a wider audience. She knew that she wanted to share these ingredients – and their significant history – with Australia and the world.

Since then, Hayley has played a significant role in growing the Australian native food industry, introducing Australian native ingredients to high-end restaurants and mainstream food and beverage products, as well as cosmetic lines in Australia and overseas. In 2020, The Australian Superfood Co products were added as permanent placeholders in the MasterChef Australia pantry, demonstrating the increasing awareness and interest in Australian native herbs, fruits and seeds.

Today, The Australian Superfood Co proudly celebrates native Australian produce – and you can too, with our full Australian Bush Food product range. Discover the incredible nutritional powers, delicious flavours and rich history of this unique and nourishing collection of Australian superfoods that have been nourishing Indigenous Australians for centuries.