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5 Ways to Use Native Ingredients in Your Kitchen this Easter


Over the next month, as Easter time approaches – amidst increased chocolate consumption and copious amounts of hot cross buns – you may be thinking about heading to the kitchen and preparing some holiday treats, or selecting a menu for your family feast.

Are you thinking it’s a great year to add something new to your regular menu? Wondering how to add a burst of flavour to your favourite dish, or even a nutritional boost? Native ingredients may be the perfect solution! Here’s how you can incorporate them into your holiday season. And the good news? You can use these tips all year long, and adapt these recipes and ideas seasonally, for other holidays, or for any time of the year!

  1. Hot Cross Buns
    The natural spiciness and spice infusion in hot cross buns mean they are the perfect vehicle to take native ingredients. You can keep it traditional, using cinnamon myrtle in place of cinnamon in a classic hot cross bun recipe, or mix things up a little and play around with some of our other naturally sourced herbs and fruits. For example, Wattleseed could be added for a rich nutty flavour, while Strawberry Gum or Aniseed myrtle are perfect for a slightly sweet addition. If you’re more into a zesty, citrus hit, why not lemon myrtle or finger lime? Whatever direction you are wanting to take your buns, the native ingredients are sure to respond favourably. And if you don’t want to get too risky, we already incorporated some native flavours into a recipe for you.
  2. Baking and Dessert
    Native ingredients aren’t reserved just for baking into hot cross buns. Making a cake? Thinking of making some bread for a starter? Infuse any of your holiday baked goods with herbs or native fruit powders for a flavour burst, nutrient boost and to take advantage of their impressive natural colouring abilities.
  3. Glazes and Sauces
    Did someone say ham glaze? A sauce for the vegetables? Native ingredient extracts are a natural when it comes to creating sauces and glazes. Because of their liquid texture, they are able to add lots of flavour without compromising on consistency in the recipe you are making. Our award-winning Davidson Plum Extract has a slightly tart flavour, and a vibrant red colour, making it delicious for meat or to compliment your sweet potato mash. Conversely, the sweetness of Aniseed Myrtle Extract means it is great to drizzle over Easter dessert.
  4. Cocktails
    For most of us, it’s not a holiday celebration without a little cocktail action involved. Whether virgin or alcoholic, you may be excited to learn that native ingredients fare well when it comes to beverages. The native extracts are already a liquid, meaning you can easily add a few drops to sparkling water, or your alcohol of choice, or better yet, use one of our cocktail recipes and become a bartender for the night and wow all your guests!
  5. Chocolate
    Easter often makes us immediately think of chocolate, but what if that chocolate wasn’t just the mini eggs at the store? If you are getting creative and making your own chocolate this year, native ingredients are the ideal addition. From zesty finger lime to nutty Wattleseed, infuse these herbs, seeds and fruit powders into your cacao mixture before setting, or sprinkle some on top.

Whether you are hosting Easter dinner, or need a delicious dish to take to the host, native ingredients can easily be the start of the show!

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