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A Native Herb & Seed Sample Pack

Interested in trying native Australian superfoods but don’t know where to start? Give all six of our native herbs and seeds a go with one of our sample packs, which include a 3g serving of each.

$10.00 AUD

$10.00 AUD

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Why not tantalise your tastebuds with a 3g serving of each of our native Australian herbs and seeds? If Australian superfoods are new to you, this is the perfect way to try them all out and see which are your favourite. Visit our recipes section to discover creative ways of cooking and baking with these superfoods today!


Nutritional information

100% natural
No preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours
Gluten free, dairy free and no added sugar
Source of fibre


100% freeze dried herbs.


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Weight 0.05 kg

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Customer Reviews

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Superfood sample

Great chance to try a range of native herbs and spices with cooking and adding to smoothies, well priced and came in quick time, will order larger quantities for sure.


enjoyed tasting these. most were for the first time. I am infusing vodka and wanted to find a fresh whole state of the herb (not dried and separated). From my experiments I have decided to use the pepperberry, however I really want to find if fresh as well as some other type of native berry in a fresh state. If you have ability to sell wholesale in a fresh state, I would be very interested in the pepperberry & any other berry you have access to. Cheers, Rebekah - The Wanderer small bar -0402 741 280


I was asked to do some wedding cupcakes using Australian native spices and leaves etc. I was a bit flustered wondering where I was going to find all these ingredients I needed! Not only did I find all the ones I had on mind, but all these amazing new ingredients I'd never heard of which I experimented with after buying a sample pack with things like a aniseed myrtle and mountain pepperberry... and delivered straight to my door in good time, reasonably priced, very happy customer.

Native sample pack

Thank you very pleased with the purchase and look forward to using these and being able to know what these native spices are all about.
i look forward to being able to purchase more and knowing we have access to these spices and natural foods

Great product

Love knowing we have access to natural foods


Array ( [0] => Array ( [image] => 3172 ) [1] => Array ( [image] => 3087 ) [2] => Array ( [image] => 3112 ) ) Mountain Pepper Leaf Baba Ganoush Array ( [0] => Array ( [image] => 3122 ) [1] => Array ( [image] => 2992 ) [2] => Array ( [image] => 3095 ) ) Lychee, Raspberry & Strawberry Gum Granita Array ( [0] => Array ( [image] => 3126 ) [1] => Array ( [image] => 3075 ) [2] => Array ( [image] => 3101 ) ) Aniseed Myrtle Marinated Feta Array ( [0] => Array ( [image] => 2254 ) [1] => Array ( [image] => 685 ) [2] => Array ( [image] => 3245 ) ) Raw Vegan Carrot Cake with Macadamia & Lemon Myrtle Icing


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