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Red Dust Tea Towel

In the Christmas Spirit, we have partnered with Red Dust to produce exquisite tea towels featuring eye catching Indigenous Australian artwork by Raymond Walters Penangk titled ‘Moving Forward Together’. Raymond is a Red Dust ambassador and painted this story illustrating the ongoing working partnership between Red Dust and Indigenous communities. These tea towels are great to use and perfect to display. Ideal for personal use or a gift, they provide pleasure for all, knowing that you are also supporting a worthy cause.

$15.00 AUD

$15.00 AUD

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The Australian Superfood Co aims to promote Indigenous culture and self-respect by raising awareness and appreciation of the sophistication of Aboriginal heritage and their wisdom relating to their land. We hope to encourage self-reliance and prosperity in Indigenous communities by sourcing our products from them and by directing a percentage of our profits to the improvement of education and health in the communities.

The Australian Superfood Co supports Red Dust Role Models, an organisation working towards reducing chronic disease in Indigenous communities by focussing on nutrition, hygiene, substance misuse and  physical activity.


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