There’s a new group of superfood contenders. They come from an exotic and faraway land, where the weather is warm, the beaches are pristine and the forests are lush. This powerful group of fruits and seeds is so rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, that it surpasses the past superfood master, the blueberry, and sets new global standards for nutrition and taste.

It’s Australian native bush food.

OK, truthfully, they are not so new. They have been growing in Australia for over 50,000 years, sustaining our Aboriginal people as sources of food and medicine. So we, as proud Australians, are thrilled to announce that after a mere few hundred years, we’ve finally caught on. The Australian Superfood Co celebrates native Australian produce in its creation of the Australian Bush Food Product Range. Discover the staggering nutritional powers, history and delectable flavours of our unique, nourishing range of ancient Australian Superfoods.

Our Ethos

A thirst for knowledge. A desire to explore. Respect for our bodies and our minds. An appreciation of our land’s history; a passion for the fruit it bears, the wisdom it imparts, the stories it holds and the magic it conjures.

We say “yes” to social responsibility and sustainable practices; “yes” to supporting the empowerment of women and children. We are unconditional friends of love and laughter. We invite you on the journey to become your best self.

Our Creation The Australian Superfood Co has created a unique range of food products richly infused with Australian native bush food; a powerful, diverse and exciting superfood group, which has not been given its due recognition.

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Our Vision By increasing awareness, accessibility and affordability of Australian Superfoods, we aim to increase their demand and encourage their cultivation. We hope to enhance the respect for our Indigenous culture, promote the growth of Indigenous communities and foster the local food movement.

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Hayley's Journey Hayley delighted in tasting bush foods for the first time and her sense of excitement about them continued to build over time. She knew the flavours were distinct and intoxicating. She discovered their impressive nutritional content. She knew she wanted to share them with Australia and the world.

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Commitment To Community Indigenous communities have a wonderfully rich 50,000 year history in Australia. Indigenous people considered themselves caretakers of the land and managed it in a way which sustained themselves while preserving it for future generations.

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