The Native Harvest Initiative


In recent years, demand for native Australian ingredients has skyrocketed. Herbs, nuts and fruit like saltbush, lemon myrtle and Kakadu plum are appearing in recipes and on menus the world over.

Since its launch in 2015, The Australian Superfood Co has become the preferred supplier of native produce to food and beverage manufacturers, cosmetic and nutraceutical manufacturers, high end restaurants, airlines and hotels in Australia and overseas.

The rise in native Australian ingredients

Australian native ingredients are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Locally grown produce, with their unique flavours and nutritious profiles, has been sustaining Indigenous Australians for over 50,000 years. These plants have adapted to the country’s harsh elements and climate, and require less water than imported varieties (and virtually no pesticides or fungicides). There are financial benefits to fostering native Australian produce too; they’re highly sought after and, in many cases, more profitable than traditional crops.

With so many benefits, supply of these homegrown ingredients currently can’t keep up with demand, which continues to increase in the food, beverage, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries around the world.

The Native Harvest Initiative

To address this, The Australian Superfood Co has established the Native Harvest Initiative (NHI) to assist Indigenous communities and local farmers to increase their crops.

What we can offer

Working alongside a team of agronomists and propagators, the NHI offers farmers and growers specialty services, such as site and farm assessments, soil analysis, feasibility assessments, and access to cultivars and seedlings. The NHI also provides ongoing advice and support around issues such as cultivation, crop monitoring – including crop nutrition plans, pest infestation and disease management, and pre-harvest inspections – along with harvest and post-harvest handling.

The aim of this initiative is to provide Indigenous communities with the support they need to get the most out of their crops, exploring ways they can optimise their return from wild harvesting and increasing their supply. While doing this, the NHI commits to honour and respect traditional harvesting practices.

By working together, the NHI provides growers with the comfort and security of a guaranteed customer for their crop.

Why partner with the Native Harvest Initiative

The Native Harvest Initiative’s expert team of agronomists and propagators provide guidance to growers in establishing or expanding their footprint in the production of native crops, while The Australian Superfood Co provides authority and knowledge of markets and trends in Australia and overseas.

You can learn more about the Growers and Communities we work with here.

Join the Native Harvest Initiative and Become a Supplier

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