Our Vision


Indigenous Australians have been harvesting and cultivating native fruits, herbs and seeds for centuries. Non-Indigenous Australians have remained largely unaware of the presence or value of native produce (often called bush tucker or bushfood), clearing native plants for crops of fruits and grains that were non-native to Australia. Many of these introduced species have struggled to thrive under the harsh Australian climate, requiring huge amounts of pesticide, fungicide and water to keep them alive.

By increasing the awareness, accessibility and affordability of ingredients flourishing in our own backyard, The Australian Superfood Co aims to increase the demand for Australian native produce, and encourage us all to cultivate our own native plants rather than import foreign varieties.

Australia’s food culture extends far beyond lamingtons and Vegemite. Australian native foods are nutritious and delicious, with a deep-rooted culture and history. It’s exciting to see Australia’s food industry experimenting with different flavours and nutrients, and celebrating the story of our native ingredients, with many Australians supporting this direction through their purchasing behaviours and conversations.


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