• Where are The Australian Superfood Co’s native Australian ingredients grown?

All over Australia! Indigenous Australians have been nourished by native ingredients like fruits, seeds and herbs for over 50,000 years, drawing sustenance from plants growing in arid deserts, lush rainforests, and everywhere in between. Check out The Australian Superfood Co sourcing map here.

  • Are The Australian Superfood Co products certified organic?

Due to the nature of the harvesting of Australian natives, organic certification is impossible. Certain ingredients are wild harvested, meaning there are no defined borders to the cultivation areas. However all of our farmers practice organic harvesting methods, so they don’t used any fungicides or pesticide (we can provide documentation declaring this, if required).

  • Do The Australian Superfood Co’s products contain allergens?

Any allergens that may be present in our products are stated on the packaging. All of our products are naturally vegan, gluten free and dairy free. The only allergen present in certain products is tree nuts. These products are packed at a nut-inclusive facility to ensure there is no possibility of cross contamination. Our granolas are packed at a facility that also handles certain allergens which are stipulated on the packaging.

  • What is the shelf life of The Australian Superfood Co products?

The shelf life of our products is stated on the packaging.

  • What products are Australian native ingredients used in?

Australian natives can be incorporated into just about everything; you’re only limited by your imagination! Products being made by our current customer base includes chocolates, cookies, cakes, breads, cheeses, ice creams, sausages, meat pies, sauces, spice blends, gins, vodkas, whiskies, kombuchas, juices, moisturizers and face care products, make-up, sports and beauty supplements, nutraceuticals… the list goes on!

  • Are you HACCP certified? What does this mean?

Yes we are! HACCP Certification is an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. It is built around seven principles: Conduct Hazard Analysis of biological, chemical or physical food hazards. Determine critical control points. This certification offers our customers peace of mind that our products are prepared, stored and delivered under the HACCP guidelines.

  • Are you Kosher and Halal certified?

We aim to make Australian native ingredients accessible to as many people as possible. In order to do so, we are both Halal (Halal Accreditation Authority) and Kosher (Kosher Australia) certified.

  • As a home cook, how can I incorporate Australian native ingredients into my cooking?

Australian native ingredients are so versatile – you can use them in just about everything! Check out our recipe suggestions here, and make sure you’re following our socials and have subscribed to our newsletter for updates on ingredients and new products, along with delicious recipe ideas.

  • For the recipes on your website calling for a powder version, can I use the air dried or extract instead?

All of our recipes have been developed with the particular ingredient in mind – they’re tried and tested! While the different variants have similar flavour profiles and may be substituted, you might need to do a little experimenting and make a few recipe adjustments while you’re cooking.

  • What are some of your favourite ways to use Australian native extracts?

There are heaps of different ways to use The Australian Superfood Co extracts – in your cooking, your drinks, even your skincare (however we don’t recommend using them on their own). Add a few drops of Kakadu plum extract to your moisturizer for an extra boost of Vitamin C, or flavour your baked goods with a couple of drops of rosella extract. Yum!

  • Are any chemicals added during the freeze-drying process?

Freeze drying is one of the healthiest and most natural ways to process and preserve ingredients. It’s why we chose to use it! No chemicals are added during the process and, due to the low temperature, the nutrients from the fresh produce are preserved.

  • Do you donate a percentage of proceeds to Indigenous Communities?

We sure do. The Australian Superfood Co works closely with Indigenous Communities and Indigenous farmers in a number of ways, from sourcing native produce to providing assistance and advice on what ingredients to grow. We also make annual donations to Red Dust Role Models, an awesome initiative educating and empowering Indigenous youths and their families. You can read more about our commitments to Indigenous Australians here.

  • Why haven’t native Australian ingredients become part of the Australian diet?

We asked ourselves this very question in 2015, just before we launched The Australian Superfood Co. Native ingredients have been sustaining Indigenous Australians for centuries, chefs have been cooking with ‘Aussie bush tucker’ for years, and various industry bodies have tried promoting Indigenous ingredients. But there have been a few challenges that have limited market growth: an inconsistent supply of product, and an inconsistency in the quality of the product.Our aim is to make Australian native ingredients accessible to everyone – we want to see cinnamon myrtle sitting beside cinnamon in the spice aisle at your local supermarket! You can read more about why we started The Australian Superfood Co here.


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