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Lemon Myrtle

Bow down to the Queen of lemon herbs! Traditionally used as a healing oil, Lemon Myrtle is also a delicious way to add flavour to savoury dishes (especially kangaroo, lamb and chicken). Use it sparingly though – a little bit of flavour goes a long way!

From $9.99 AUD

From $9.99 AUD

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The Lemon Myrtle is a beautiful Australian shrub, whose leaves have been used by Indigenous Australians for a swag of purposes. The leaves can be used fresh or dried and oil can be extracted through distillation. Traditionally used both to flavour foods and as a healing oil, Lemon Myrtle boasts significant antioxidant and mineral properties, is high in Vitamin C and has a high oil content which is antimicrobial. Also regarded as a useful antiseptic, it has the world’s strongest and purest source of natural citral – the oil that gives “lemon” its characteristic flavour.

Lemon Myrtle is undoubtedly one of the most popular Australian native herbs, with its fresh aroma of citrus, with delicate menthol touches and a strong lemon flavour, which is sweet and refreshing.

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Nutritional information

100% natural
No preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours
Gluten free, dairy free and no added sugar
Source of fibre


100% dried and ground Lemon Myrtle


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Customer Reviews

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lemon myrtle

Made Lemon Myrtle buscuits and they were enjoyed by all.

Lemon Myrtle Biscuits

I ordered Lemon Myrtle to make Lemon Myrtle biscuits for NAIDOC week at the childcare centre I work at.
I wish I could send you the photos of the children eating them for afternoon tea in the playground but due to privacy issues I’m not allowed to.
They really enjoyed making them and then eating them, as they are toddlers we did talk about how we used a native herb as an ingredient.
I would like to thank you for the excellent and prompt service.


Wonderfull products , granola is amazing and the Davidson pum,lemon Myrtle,and Kakadu plum powders make the best vegan balls ever. Fabulous products

Thanks so much Tracey! Vegan balls sound delicious.
lemon myrtle

I have bought lemon myrtle in the past elsewhere, but this one is a much more fragrant one. Have already used it on a pizza very lovely for an added flavour. I have also used in a home made plum marinade for pork fillets, tops it off beautifully.

Thanks so much Ian. Lemon Myrtle on pizza sounds like a delight! Glad you enjoyed it.


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