Bush Cookies Packed With Native Ingredients


If there’s one thing that really thrived in 2020, it was the lucrative and mouth-watering cookie-delivery market. This being said, you would have most definitely heard of Sydney’s THICC Cookies by now and if you haven’t, you’re really missing out.

Headed by new-age Willy Wonka chocolatier Chris Sheldrick (who also manned Banksia Bakehouse back in the day), THICC Cookies has been on every foodie’s radar since this online bakehouse started churning out cookies that clock in at a whopping 1kg. Along with this, you can also order up the likes of Biscoff Lotus, red velvet and Caramilk loaded cookies too. The best part? THICC Cookies get delivered nationwide.

Now, the cookie stronghold is throwing down some limited-edition deliciousness aimed at celebrating native Aussie flavours in a collab with The Australian Superfood Co., which, through its Native Harvest Initiative, works with Indigenous communities and local growers to source native fruits, herbs and seeds.

“Many Australians have never tasted some of the bush foods we are using in our THICC Cookies,” said Sheldrick in a statement.“We want to be part of spreading the word to promote these ingredients and be part of the movement to make them more mainstream and give them the recognition they deserve.”

As for the flavours, you can expect beauties like Davidson plum with peach and white chocolate, strawberry gum with Granny Smith apples and white chocolate, wattleseed and caramel chocolate and finally, Kakadu plum, finger lime macadamia, and coconut.

The four limited-edition cookies are locked to be available for four weeks across Australia. You’ll be able to order these up from Friday 22 January. Head here for more details.


This article was first published by Urban List Sydney and can be found here.


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