Did you know that Kakadu plum has the highest vitamin C content of any food on Earth? Or that wattleseedis a low-GI plant-based source of protein, iron and zinc? Or that lemon myrtle is a vegan source of calcium? Hayley Blieden is a get-up-and-go dietitian turned entrepreneur on a mission to shift the focus of Australian food culture from lamingtons and Vegemite to the native ingredients that sustained Indigenous Australians for over 70, 000 years. Together with the yin to her yang – her dad – Hayley has built The Australian Superfood Co, a company that is having a profound positive social impact on Indigenous communitiesthrough their work as a native ingredients supplier. Tune in to the episode to hear Hayley’s remarkable journey and where she thinks the industry is headed next.


In this podcast “Embracing our native bounty with super bush foods”, Hayley shares:

  • How and why she started The Australian Superfood Co
  • The scope of native Australian bushfoods
  • How The Australian Superfood Co works with and supports Indigenous communities
  • The impressive nutritional profile of some of Hayley’s favourite native ingredients
  • The challenges Hayley faced as she built her business
  • The social impact The Australian Superfood Co is having on Indigenous communities through their partnership with Red Dust
  • How dietitians can support The Australian Superfood Co


You can listen to the podcast above here

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