A dietitian’s top products – Fine Food Australia By Jade Gibbons

What are my top products from this year’s Fine Food Australia show?

The Fine Food Australia show is an annual trade exhibition and was held in glorious Sydney this week.  It brings together those that work in the food industry to celebrate new products, skills, ideas and innovation.

From a personal perspective, I love discovering new products and meeting the people behind the food we enjoy – their story and their passion for what they do makes great food taste even better!

In celebration of good food and the wonderful people who bring their food and product ideas to life for others to enjoy, I’ve picked some of my top products from this year’s show.

In no particular order, here are my top products:

Pumpkin Seeds – The Pumpkin House

The Pumpkin HouseThe Pumpkin House creates products that celebrate and showcase the divine taste and nutritional qualities of pumpkin seeds and oils.

Why pumpkin seeds?

The humble pumpkin seed is an amazing little nutritional powerhouse!  In fact, a handful of pumpkin seeds (~30 g) is a source of protein, fibre and various nutrients such as magnesium.

The nutritional qualities of pumpkin seeds (also known as pepitas) should be celebrated far and wide, and The Pumpkin House has created the most delicious way to do just that!

Find out more at The Pumpkin House.

The Australian Superfood Co.

Australian Superfood CoThe founder of this wonderful brand is a dietitian, therefore you know straight away that the nutritional qualities of the products are taken care of.  There are products ready to enjoy such as bars and granola, and other products to inspire you in the kitchen with delicious fruit powders such as finger lime, and native herbs such lemon myrtle.

What also sets this brand apart is their story, ethos and vision:

‘By increasing awareness, accessibility and affordability of Australian Superfoods, we aim to increase their demand and encourage their cultivation. We hope to enhance the respect for our Indigenous culture, promote the growth of Indigenous communities and foster the local food movement’.

Many congratulations to Hayley on pitching to the ‘lions’ and winning the Lions’ Den at this year’s show!

Find out more here at The Australian Superfood Co.


Googy’s create wholesome snack bars that provide quality protein and importantly, taste delicious!

The snack bars are made with fruit, nuts and egg whites, and provide a generous 12 g of quality protein.

Why egg protein?  

Egg whites provide what is called a complete protein.  This means that it contains adequate proportions of essential amino acids (‘building blocks’ of protein).  Another benefit of the protein found in eggs is that it is in a form that is readily digested by the body.

Combine this quality protein with nuts and fruit, and you’ve got a top product!

Find out more here at Googy’s.  Even better – try some for yourself!

Nuts and Hazelnuts – Carboor Harvest

Carboor HarvestWe are very lucky in Australia to be a leading grower of many nut varieties.  You may be familiar Australian almonds, walnuts and macadamias, but did you know that we also grow hazelnuts?  Carboor Harvest grow and provide delicious Australian hazelnuts, as well as other nut products.

I have a love for hazelnuts as they have a distinct flavour that pairs perfectly with chocolate, and yet also works marvelously with some savoury dishes.  For example, try adding some roasted hazelnuts to fennel and orange salad!

Why nuts?

Nuts will often be on a dietitian’s top foods list as they are packed full of nutrition including good fats, fibre and other qualities unique to each variety.  With regards to hazelnuts, hazelnuts are made up of good fats (about 60% fat, of which is mostly monounsaturated), protein (15%) and fibre (10%).  Hazelnuts are also a good source of vitamin E – 30 grams of hazelnuts contains approximately half of an adult’s daily Recommended Dietary Intake.

Find out more here at Carboor Harvest.

Omega 3 fish – Mendolia Seafoods

Mendolia SeafoodsMendolia Seafoods is located in Fremantle, Western Australia, and they provide locally wild-caught seafood such as salmon, sardines and tuna.  What caught my eye at the show was that they provide locally caught fish – Australian sardines!

Why fish?  

Fish will often be on a dietitian’s top foods list as it is a wonderful source of protein and heart healthy fats.   The heart healthy fats are the marine-sourced omega 3 fats, EPA and DHA.

What are some of the best fish sources of these omega 3 fats?  Salmon, sardines and tuna.

Find out more about their story and products at Mendolia Seafoods.

Fruit – Pitaya Plus

Pitaya PlusWhat is Pitaya?  

Pitaya is also known as dragonfruit.  On the outside, it is pink with green ‘leaves’.  On the inside it is either white with black small seeds or bright pink with black small seeds.   Both are beautiful (and tasty) however I must say the pink colour is just amazing!

With Summer approaching, I think pink pitaya smoothie bowls are going to take over instagram.  Just you wait!

Find out more here at Pitaya Plus.

And that’s a wrap Fine Food Australia…

There you have it!  A dietitian’s top picks from this year’s Fine Food Australia show!