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Industry Consulting

The Australian Superfood Co assists food, beverage, and cosmetic manufacturers to develop innovative new ranges utilising the very best Australian native botanicals. Uniquely placed to harness the nutritional benefits, flavours and aromas of native produce, The Australian Superfood Co assists with product development, highlighting the unique attributes of each ingredient.

From dairy manufacturers keen to develop new ice cream flavours infused with Australia’s distinct native flavours, to meat processors creating a new range of native-spiced sausages, or cosmetic formulation scientists seeking antioxidant-rich ingredients for new soaps, The Australian Superfood Co product development team is in a unique position to assist industry partners in creating innovative new products.

Elevate your brand with Native Superfoods

Want to harness the unique flavours and nutritional benefits of Australian superfoods for your products? We want to hear from you. From cosmetic delights, to tasty treats, we can help to create something special for your brand. Complete our contact form here and a member of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss opportunities.


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