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Industry Consulting

Having successfully fostered a growing demand for Australian natives in the food services industry, The Australian Superfood Co has become the preeminent native Australian ingredient supplier and ingredient consultant to chefs, restaurants and bartenders.

From introducing a new and exciting world of flavours along with their nutritional benefits, to recommending flavour pairings, cooking techniques and recipe inspiration, they are the ideal partner to help integrate Australian native ingredients into your menu.

The Australian Superfood Co’s food technologists prepare comprehensive profiles for each of its ingredients, expertly detailing flavour, aroma, health benefits and appropriate pairings, to assist in enhancing meals and drinks in restaurants, cafes and bars in Australia and around the world.

Are you interested in incorporating native Australian flavours into your dishes? Whether you are a chef, restauranteur, bartender or member of the food service industry, we are here to help! Complete the form here to become a wholesaler and have a team member get in touch with you shortly.


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