Health Trends we will see in 2018 Hayley Blieden, Dietitian and Founder of award winning The Australian Superfood Co says: “Over the last decade consumers have become more educated and interested in the health implications of what they do, think and eat. As the science changes, so to do the food trends. In 2018 our diets will continue to transform, from the 2017 food trends, of low sugar diets and imported superfoods eg. matcha, to the high fat, Keto diet and local, sustainable superfoods. Convenience foods will continue to trend, as the number of nutrient dense options soar.

While what we eat significantly impacts our health and wellbeing, so too does how we move and think. Sleep, exercise, relationships and our careers, all need to be considered in the bigger picture.”

New and different foods in supermarkets? 2018 will be the year of the new and old (superfoods). Many people are opting for local, sustainable produce and looking for foods that are native to Australia. Renowned brands such as Remedy Kombucha, Maggie Beer and The Australian Superfood Co are incorporating native Australian Superfoods into their product offerings. Fruits such as Kakadu plum and Quandong, which have sustained Indigenous Australian for over 50,000 years, are becoming household names.   We’ll begin to see a shift into more powders in the food isles, from Cacao, Tumeric and Wattleseed. As our lives are busier than ever, many individuals are looking for convenience, without compromising health. Powders offer an easy nutrient boost, to any dish including smoothies, soups or lattes. The nutritional profile of all these foods are growing ever so rapidly and it’s wonderful that these are now available in supermarkets and not just your specialty health stores.

New diets? The “new diet” which we see more and more people taking about is the Keto Diet, essentially a low carb, high fat diet. For many years people stayed away from high fat foods, however as research has evolved a direct link has been found between a state of ketosis and an increase in energy, concentration, and weight loss.    Another trend we’ll see in 2018 is a shift to veganism and wholefood diets. We are seeing an increase in restaurants and cafes dedicated to plant based foods and creating vegan friendly menus which hero vegetables, pulses and fruit. Advanced recipes to replicate non-vegan foods are on the radar, think jackfruit vegan burgers or sushi-grade “not-tuna” made from tomatoes.

Fitness trends?  New trends on the radar include Aerial Yoga, Zuu Fitness and outdoor activities such as stand up paddleboarding. Aerial Yoga has been proven to improve flexibility, decrease muscle and bone tension, increase core strength and allows the body to move freely without compromising technique.   Zuu Fitness is used to mimmick the original way our ancestors moved with no equipment needed, focusing on movements such as push, pull, bend, twist, squat, lunges and running in a short HIIT workout. Guaranteed to raise your heart rate and proven to increase mobility, flexibility and strength.

Lastly, water sports offer an array of benefits and there’s one for every type of fitness level. Whether you enjoy the thrill of surfing or wakeboarding or enjoy a slower paced activity such a stand up paddleboard session, there’s something for everyone. Most water sports are a full body workout, and of course being on the water, naturally helps the body to de-stress and rejuvenate.

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