How to make your Christmas dinner a farm-to-table experience


Unity, community spirit and native ingredients will grace tables this Christmas, with many Australian households looking to support local producers.

Woolworths research shows 76 per cent of customers want to make a conscious effort to buy Australian made products.

And a majority of them would do so to help support Aussie farmers, particularly because it’s been such a challenging year with bushfires, drought and COVID-19.

“Our research shows most customers are more likely to shop with retailers that use Australian native ingredients, and we expect this trend will continue to grow,” Woolworths FoodCo managing director Guy Brent said.

“We already offer 100 per cent fresh Aussie meat and 96 per cent of our fresh fruit and vegetables are grown on Australian farms.”

The supermarket’s Christmas Gold range — which supports producers and suppliers like The Australian Superfood Co. — includes 23 new products, from free range triple smoked bone-in ham to caramelised white chocolate and wattleseed cheesecake made using native Australian ingredients.

The Australian Superfood Co. founders Hayley Blieden and her father Ralph Wollner work with communities and growers to source a range of delicious fruits, herbs and seeds, making native ingredients accessible to everyone.

“Australia has a rich variety of delicious and nutritious native ingredients and we’re thrilled to see awareness for these ingredients on the rise,” Ms Blieden said.

“Over the last year alone, we’ve seen more than a 150 per cent increase in demand for native ingredients, which supports over 1000 jobs for farmers and seasonal harvesters.”

Woolworths’ festive range will also include a cabanossi and cheese platter, boneless crackling leg ham, boneless honey maple glazed loin ham, a buildable gummy block train, chocolate coated pretzels and a DIY gingerbread house kit.

The new Christmas products will begin rolling out from Monday 9th November 2020.

This article first appeared in The Herald Sun and can be accessed here.


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