How to Support the Native Food Scene


Australian native ingredients are having a moment. From popping up in restaurants to making it into the hands of well-known chefs and bartenders. They are even starting to show up in skin cream, face moisturizers and beauty products.

And while playing on the big screen is exciting, it may also leave you thinking that if you aren’t a big-time chef, eating out at fancy restaurants or interested in changing your skin routine, there may not be a way for you to try native ingredients or incorporate them into your day-to-day life.

But that isn’t true! There are several ways for you to adopt natives into your routine, and more than that, to support the native community at large. When you use native ingredients and, more than that, when you buy from a small business, you are supporting communities: communities where the natives are grown and communities of people who make their livelihood from growing and selling these incredibly diverse and nutrient rich products.

  • Buy it for Home
    The best way for you to get to know native ingredients, incorporate them into your cooking and taste them is to buy them to use at home! You can start with our Sampler Pack, which lets you try all 12, or if you have one you most want to try, order a 30g pack to get you started. Once you have it, you can head to our recipes section and get busy in the kitchen!
  • Grow it at Home
    Native ingredients are popping up in nurseries and plant and seed distributors with increasing frequency. While not all native ingredients can be grown in all regions of the country, if you can start your own at home, why not?
  • Educate and Learn
    One of the main goals of The Australian Superfood Co is to teach you about native ingredients; to bridge the gap between native communities and their work and how this impacts the population at large. And more than that, what you can do with that education for your own communities.
  • Support the Communities
    If you are truly passionate about native ingredients, and making sure they are sustained for the long term, the best thing to do is support the communities who grow them. You can do this, as mentioned above, through buying from a small business, but you can also donate to initiatives that help support communities at the root: through education, health and offering support. One of these, which we have partnered with is Red Dust. We continue to make a commitment to the community, knowing that we want to be able to see these ingredients sustained for hundreds of more years to come.

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