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The Global Business Show is an interview-style show where the host Mark Philpott speaks to business leaders and business owners from across the world as they share their strategies and innovative ideas as the world’s new economy takes shape.


Episode 34 with Hayley Blieden -What Are Superfoods? 


Hayley Blieden is the founder, chief dietitian, and Managing Director of The Australian Superfood Co (TASC).

Prior to founding, TASC Hayley worked as a nutrition journalist and nutritionist at the North Melbourne Football Club. She has BSc in Dietetics and Nutrition (Monash) and an MBA (Deakin).

Hayley founded TASC in 2015 after 2 years of research and product development. Two years later she completely transformed the business away from consumer foods into becoming a major supplier of native ingredients to food and beverage manufacturers and consumers in Australia and overseas.

Hayley has juggled motherhood (she has 2 children under 4) and a rapidly growing business while keeping herself fit and healthy.
In 2017 she won the Rising Star AusMumpreneur award and later that year won the inaugural Lions Den award at the Fine Foods Expo in Sydney.


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