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Humans of Agriculture is an organisation that is on a mission to discover more about our food and fibre system from the people involved in it. Through engaging with people from all walks of life, we seek to understand in a global context how our communities, what we eat and our culture shapes who we are.

“This week I chatted with Hayley Blieden founder of The Australian Superfood Co about these powerhouse plants that have an incredible story that is very culturally significant.

Globally there are more than 350,000 plants; at least half of which are edible. Yet, 95% of our diets come from just 30 plant species.
In Australia, we have some native rockstars that have survived the test of time to adapt to our climate and provide exceptional nutrient density – the Kakadu plum has 100x the Vitamin C of an orange & 5x the antioxidants of blueberries.

I loved this chat with Hayley, discovering more about indigenous Australia, health and nutrition & some of the opportunities we have in the native foods space!”

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