Humans of Purpose Podcast


Each week, your host Mike Davis brings you inspiring conversations with purpose-driven leaders from our local community.

Guests join Mike for a relaxed conversation at his home to discuss their life and career journey, purpose and how they create social impact through their work.

Tea, coffee or single malt whiskey are served as we traverse meaningful subjects and gain insights into business and community. Wisdom, experience and banter are combined to offer you a supreme 45-minute podcast immersion.

“Hayley is Founder and Managing Director at The Australian Superfood Co. The Australian Superfood Co aims to share with the world, Indigenous Australians’ traditional knowledge and expertise about the cherished fruits of their land.

This was a fun conversation with Hayley and we traverse the windy story of setting up this incredibly successful and impactful enterprise. There is a lot to admire about Australian Superfood Co. and how they are working with Indigenous farmers to empower them to cultivate and share amazing foods with a wider market.”

You can listen to Hayley’s chat with Mike Davis from Humans of purpose here.

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