Our Creation


While the distinct flavours and health-enhancing properties of Australia’s incredible native produce remain mysterious to most, their nutritional qualities far outweigh many of their better-known international counterparts. Most Australians have never even tasted bushfoods. Yet to the Indigenous people of Australia, native fruits, seeds and herbs have served as a source of food and medicine for over 70,000 years, sustaining them through Australia’s harsh and unpredictable conditions. In fact, the foods themselves had to adapt to survive. These adaptations have resulted in unique, highly concentrated, nutritional compositions.

Prior to launching, The Australian Superfood Co engaged industry leaders and identified that Australian natives seem to trend every decade, but that two key factors have restricted market growth:

  • Lack of consistent supply
  • Lack of consistency of product

To address these limitations, The Australian Superfood Co started by preserving raw produce, buying large quantities when the fruits are in season and preserving them as either freeze-dried powders, liquid extracts or dehydrated produce.

Preserving products allows The Australian Superfood Co to hold significant inventory and guarantee an annual supply for customers, while offering a consistent, quality product, which is highly nutritious, flavoursome and vibrant.

Our quality-certified product range and continuous innovation has placed The Australian Superfood Co as the preferred native ingredient supplier to food, beverage, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers, high-end restaurants, bars, hotels, airlines and retail in Australia and overseas.


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