Palngun Wurnangat Aboriginal Corporation


The Wadeye Community Initiative 

The Australian Superfood Co has teamed up with Palngun Wurnangat Association — a Women’s Centre in the Wadeye Community, which is located just outside of Darwin in the Northern Territory. Together, the association and TASC are working towards creating a halt in this ongoing pattern of poverty, poor health and oppression in indigenous communities.

Wadeye had an employment rate of only 4%. TASC and The Women’s Centre of Wadeye formed an initiative whereby indigenous women are paid fare wages for collecting and harvesting Kakadu Plums used in TASC’s products. Since forming this initiative, over 300 community members now have seasonal employment. A condition of employment through the program is that their children must be enrolled in school.

In addition to financial support, this long-term solution is taking the community ‘back to the land’, celebrating their culture, educating their children and fostering a positive change.

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