Apple and Strawberry Gum Cinnamon Scrolls

Whether you were after a new recipe to try on the weekend or just in need of a healthy snack that you can eat all on your own, these Cinnamon Scrolls are probably the right answer. Made with our native strawberry gum, the strawberry flavour is subtle, and blends well with the apple and natural maple sweetness. They are made free from refined sugar and using whole grain flour, so they pass the healthy eating test for you to enjoy for breakfast, lunch or snack!


For the Buns

  1. Add the flour, cinnamon, yeast and salt to a bowl and stir to combine.
  2. Add in the warm water and milk and use a wooden spoon or spatula to mix into the flour.
  3. Use your hands to bring the dough together – it should be slightly sticky, so add an additional 1-2 tablespoons of warm water if it seems too dry.
  4. Once dough has come together, cover with a cloth and set aside in a warm place for 1 hour to rise.
  5. After an hour, depress the dough, punching it down and knead for 4-5 minutes. Return dough to the bowl, cover and set in a warm place to rest for 30 minutes.

For the Filling

  1. Add all of the ingredients except for the strawberry gum and sultanas to a saucepan and cook, covered on medium heat until apples are tender. The sauce should thicken, but add more water if it is evaporating too quickly for the apples to cook.
  2. Once apples are cooked, reduce heat to low and stir in sultanas and strawberry gum. Cook for an additional 3-4 minutes and then remove from heat, cover and set aside.

To Assemble

  1. Remove dough from bowl and place on a floured surface. Use a rolling pin to gently roll into a large rectangle that is roughly the size of a baking tray.
  2. Brush the dough lightly with olive oil.
  3. Spoon the apple filling on top of the dough, pressing out to each edge.
  4. Once the filling has been added, gently begin rolling the dough.
  5. After it is completely rolled, cut into pieces about three centimetres thick.
  6. Place each scroll into a pan lined with baking paper and set aside for 20-30 minutes.
  7. Meanwhile preheat oven to 180°C.
  8. Once oven has heated and cinnamon scrolls have risen up in the pan, place them in the oven for 25-30 minutes until the edges are golden and firm.
  9. When they are ready, place on a rack to cool and then store in the fridge.

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