Wattleseed Lattes Have Arrived

Is there a more prolific trendsetter than the latte?

We’ve had matcha lattes, black lattes, golden lattes and mushroom lattes – not to mention unicorn lattes – but these trends have generally excluded bush tucker. Until now.

Wattleseed is fast becoming a popular alternative for coffee, brewed to perfection in the form of a wattlecino or latte. Showcasing a nutty, chocolaty flavour that pairs well with milk, wattleseed lattes and cappuccino alternatives are made either by using ground wattleseed powder and adding steamed milk and foam, or putting the roasted and ground seeds through an espresso machine just like coffee.

Topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon or a dash of honey, the all-Australian brew is also a great way to kickstart your morning. Did we mention it’s high in protein, a low glycemic carb and completely caffeine free?

Look to companies like NatifKakadu Plum Co. and Australian Superfood Co for a little inspiration when it comes to these alternative brews. Australian Superfood Co even has a wattleseed latte recipe you can try at home.

Australia is blessed with enviable harvests of native herbs, spices, nuts and seeds, but rarely is our natural bounty ever given the recognition it deserves when it comes to brunch fare.

We suggest you jump on this foodie Wattleseed latte bandwagon before it takes off – don’t say we didn’t tell you so.

Extract written by Smudge eats, follow here for the full article.

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