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The Retail Ready podcast, hosted by Ben Whyatt, is a destination for anyone looking to learn about food, new brands, manufacturing, trends and insights. The Retail Ready podcast will be full of knowledge bombs, conversations and discussions into an ever changing industry.

“Hayley using her dietetic background and love for food realised there were some of the most nutrient dense superfoods in Australia’s very own back garden. Hayley has worked closely with Aboriginal communities and farmers to help bring the likes of Davidson Plum, wattle seed, mountain pepperberry and lemon myrtle to top chefs and food brands such as remedy kombucha, Koko Black, Archie rose, Charlies cookies and Byron bay cookies to name a few.

I was very impressed and inspired with hearing Hayley’s story. She saw an amazing opportunity, which faced numerous hurdles and headache but persisted and her persistence now allows many people to now bring new flavours and health benefits to there products.

Enjoy listening to the Retail Ready Podcast.”


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