Six reasons why you need to eat Australian superfoods


Hayley Blieden, dietitian and founder of The Australian Superfood Co says:

“You don’t have to travel the world to find superfoods…Australia has its own group of powerful and nourishing superfoods that have been sustaining our indigenous communities and growing in our backyards for millennia!”

For National Nutrition week, Hayley Blieden, Founder of The Australian Superfood Co, shares her top tips for why you should be eating Australian superfoods.

1. Eat locally.

Our indigenous community has been living off these native Australian superfoods for over 50,000 years! They can be used for medicinal and culinary purposes and provide the real taste of Australia.

2. Nourish your body.

These native ingredients boast an abundance of health benefits. For example, our Kakadu plum has the highest amount of Vitamin C than any other fruit in the world so we love adding a small teaspoon to our smoothies in the morning! A little goes a long way and can help to boost immunity year round! Quandong as well contains twice the Vitamin C of an orange and is a valuable vegan source of iron and zinc and can be added to desserts and sweet treats.

3. Tantalize your tastebuds.

In addition to the health benefits, they have exotic and interesting flavours that can transform a simple dish into something truly spectacular. Our finger Lime provides a zesty and citrus-like flavour and can be used in place of lemon in all your savoury or sweet dishes. How about try our Mountain Pepper Leaf which can be used like normal pepper but you’ll enjoy the exotic difference.

4. Impress your guests.

We all eat with our eyes and our native superfoods add beautiful colour to your dishes. In particular, Davidson Plum which offers a tart flavour and goes perfectly in your sweet desserts, adds a wonderful purple hue as well as Vitamin E for youthful skin!

5. Cook like a pro.

There are top chefs all over the country using our native ingredients in their dishes but they can also easily be used at home in the kitchen and are a lot of fun to play around with. Love your coffee but don’t want the caffeine hit? Try swapping your coffee beans for our Roasted and Ground Wattleseed and enjoy a DIY Wattleseed Latte. The Wattleseed providesa nutty flavour and is high in protein and low GI and can be enjoyed as a caffeine free alternative.

6. Support our indigenous communities.

By choosing native Australian superfoods, you’re helping to preserve the history, culture and tradition of our indigenous communities. We’ve partnered with a woman’s centre in the Wadeye Community in the Northern Territory and since starting TASC, have provided seasonal employment to over 300-400 community members.

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