Snacks don’t have to be your diet downfall. It’s easy to tuck healthy, waistline-friendly packaged options in your handbag for times when hunger pangs strike. Here are five suggestions we’re loving in the Sporteluxe office right now

Healthy Snacks

1. Morlife Chocolate Blueberries

These are the ultimate antioxidant indulgence (and our editor in chief, Rachel‘s absolute favourites!). The perfect combination of sweet juicy blueberries coated in premium dark chocolate. Just make sure you don’t eat the whole pack.

Healthy prepackaged snacks, healthy snacks

Shop → Morlife Chocolate Blueberries 125g, $7.95

2. Brookfarm Brothers Blend

Brothers blend is a gluten free, contemporary twist on a classic nut mix. The world’s finest nuts have been sourced and are oven baked with a hint of pure maple syrup and a light dusting of sea salt. Great as a solo snack or one to share if entertaining.

Healthy prepackaged snacks, healthy snacks

Shop → Brookfarm brothers blend 75g, $4.95

3. Loving Earth Kale Chips

Loving Earth’s kale chips are raw and organic, and a tasty way to eat your greens. They come in various flavours, the yellow version (my personal fave) are flavoured with a special blend of creamy cashew, carrot and coriander sauce.

Healthy prepackaged snacks, healthy snacks

Shop → Loving Earth Yellow Chips 40g, $4.95

4. Cobs Organic Popcorn

If you’re after a simple but satisfying snack why not try this authentic, healthy popcorn? Made from only three ingredients (organic corn, sunflower oil and sea salt), meaning you can still enjoy tasty popcorn without all the unhealthy additions.

Healthy prepackaged snacks, healthy snacks

Shop → Cobs Organic Sea Salt Popcorn (20 x 20g), $30 – Also available in Coles, Thomas Dux Grocer and IGA

5. The Australian Super Food Co Raw Bars

These bars are made with a delicious group of Australian fruits and seeds. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants setting a new standard for nutrition and taste. They also contain the newest superfood on the block, Kakadu Plum, which contains the highest concentration of vitamin C on earth! So celebrate Australia by snacking on this native option.

Healthy prepackaged snacks, healthy snacks

Shop → Ancient Rainforest Berry Raw Bar, $4.50

This article was published on on 7 June 2015. For full article click here.


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