The Australian Superfood Co Holiday Gift Guide


December is here and if you have been sucked in by the chaos of shopping and school commitments, preparing for family events and heading to social engagements, deciding on gifts to purchase may be lower down on your list. And so to help you out, we’ve put together The Australian Superfood Co Holiday Gift Guide!


  1. For the Breakfast Lover

If you have someone on your list who lives for breakfast and coffee, we have the answer! Our Paleo granola range is made using all natural ingredients, and is free from refined, sugars. It is high in protein, a sustainable and energizing complex carbohydrate and offers healthy fats from the nuts and seeds. With three different flavours to choose from, each crafted with unique Australian Native ingredients, Christmas morning breakfast will be next level exciting for someone on your list!

  1. For the Good Gut Guru

For the person on your list who is in the know on the latest health trends, and conscious about health, wellness and the newest products. Switchel is the newest trending probiotic drink, following on the heels of kombucha. Remedy’s release of the beverage using The Australian Superfood Co Finger Lime is a tasty delight that would make a great addition to any healthy gift pack!

  1. For the Hard to Buy For

We all have that one person on our list who we just can’t figure out. Don’t worry: we’ve figured it out for you. We have a selection of specialized gift hampers that are packaged up and ready to go – all you have to do is place the order. Choose from a Australian Christmas, the Rise and Shine, an indulgent basket, or everything all in one.

  1. For the Chocoholic

From raw chocolate to chocolate with wine, to drinking chocolate, when it comes to the chocolate scene, we’ve got you covered. Chocolate goes hand in hand with the holidays, and we love collaborating with chocolate brands to bring the best chocolate experience. Check out Mork Native Drinking Chocolate for a beverage version, or Raw Love’s Brain Food for a dark chocolate, superfood burst!

  1. For the Beauty Lover

The person on your list who is regularly checking out new trending beauty products and is up to date on the latest skincare routine, will love having this addition to their gift. Developed by Aspar, using The Australian Superfood Co Wattleseed, native ingredients are popping up in many skin and beauty products and your recipient will be thrilled to be at the forefront!

  1. For the Tea and Treats Host

This is the gift for the friend or family member who you visit who always offers you tea or coffee, has the nicest linens and seems to have freshly baked cakes or treats every time you show up. Pay back the favour by giving them something special with our Kakadu and Quandong Plum Christmas Pud

  1. For the Culinary Creator

Do you have someone on your list who likes to cook? Are you shopping for a family member who always hosts family dinners and is excited to try out new ingredient sin the kitchen? Our range of extracts and superfood powders are just the answer. Perfect for using in cooking, baking, cocktails, desserts, sauces and raw food, the flavour range is extensive and the opportunities are endless!

  1. For the Active Soul

Whether it’s someone on your list who is active and into athletics, a busy mum always on the go, or your outdoorsy friends who find a new mountain to hike every weekend, our raw bars are the answer. They’re packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats, taste delicious, and have all the benefits from our natural superfood range. Order them individually or by the pack.

Need some more ideas? Still missing someone from your list? Let us know and we’ll send some more ideas your way!


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