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Changing the Native Food Landscape and Balancing Passion and Relevance _ The Chief Maker

In this episode, we meet Hayley Blieden, Founder, Chief Dietician and CEO at Australian Superfood Co. We talk about:

  • How she discovered the incredible native foods that Indigenous Australians have harvested for thousands of years
  • The 3 years of research to bring new Australian Superfoods to market
  • The critical pivot they made which saved their business
  • The project they’re leading across regional Australia to bring consistent supply to market and create sustainable jobs in the regions for indigenous Australians and farmers

“I wanted to have products out there that incorporated native ingredients. I wanted the products to be extremely healthy, a brand that consumers could trust. If we had, if we hadn’t been pre pragmatic, if we’d followed our passion and not pivoted at the time, we wouldn’t be around today. And so make sure that you understand what you’re passionate about, you understand your ‘why’, but at the same time be agile and remain flexible, so you’ll be able to stay relevant.” 

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