NAIDOC Week 2019


Every year, Australian celebrate the native culture, history and accomplishments of the aboriginal population through NAIDOC Week. Focused each year around a different theme and to raise education and awareness to a different area of indigenous history, the purpose of NAIDOC Week is to both honour indigenous communities past and present, as well as to continue to allow present-day non-indigenous Australians to understand their stories and history.

This year, the theme is Voice. Treaty. Truth. The voices of indigenous people have been in the country for over 65 000 years, and yet they have not always been heard or listened to, and more than that, the languages that they spoke have not always been understood. In 2019, we seek to honour these languages and the voices that spoke them, underscoring the stories these voices can tell, and the lore, culture and knowledge they contain that has been passed down for thousands of years.

The voice of these people is crucial to our nation and its ongoing development and culture, and 2019 is being recognised as the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages. Part of that is allowing these languages to distribute truth and be honoured for what they have to say. Voice, Treaty and Truth were three of the elements that were part of the Uluru Statement from the Heart that was a starting point in hearing these languages and messages. Today, reform is still needed to continue to allow indigenous people to have the rights they need and deserve, and the conversation is ongoing in supporting these people and their history. NAIDOC Week 2019, honours that continuous need and what it will look like going forward.

Learn more and see how you can participate in NAIDOC Week events in your area at the official NAIDOC site. 

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