New Native Australian Syrups support Indigenous supply chains


The Australian Superfood Co has launched a range of Native Australian Syrups that showcases the versatility, health benefits and unique flavours of native Australian plants. 

The range is natural, sugar-free and prioritises Indigenous suppliers and communities by working with Indigenous farmers to source nutrient-dense native ingredients and increase representation in Australian food supply chains. 

Carefully selected fruits, plants and flowers such as Kakadu Plum, Bush Apple and Desert Lime are available for the first time in liquid form, packed with Vitamin C, calcium, folate and antioxidants. Additionally, the syrups are ethanol-free and allergen-free. 

Other benefits of Native Australian Syrups are: 

  • They are 100 per cent natural, gluten free, dairy free and vegan 
  • They are sweet, but free from sugar and sweeteners 
  • They are concentrated and economical 
  • They are long lasting 
  • They are Halal, Kosher and HACCP certified. 


Manufacturers can incorporate these new flavours using only a few drops of the syrups. 

“We work with Indigenous communities to wild harvest produce, as well as with Indigenous farmers cultivating native fruits, herbs and seeds. Research indicates that Indigenous representation in the supply chain is less than 1 per cent. At The Australian Superfood Co, approximately 50 per cent of our supply is sourced through Indigenous suppliers,” The Australian Superfood Co founder and dietician Hayley Blieden said. 

“The opportunity to earn income is highly valued. A number of our partner communities use the popularity of our procurement programs to leverage better educational outcomes for children, such as only allowing adults to collect fruit if their school-aged children are attending school.  

“An increase in demand for fruits, seeds and herbs creates opportunities in other ways, too, such as packing, drying and freezing produce for southern markets. Through our procurement programs, The Australian Superfood Co has generated seasonal employment for over 1000 Indigenous Australians and we hope to add more employment opportunities as the demand for ingredients grows.” 

The Australian Superfood Co’s Native Australian Syrup flavours include Rosella, Bush Apple, Kakadu Plum, Desert Lime and Native River Mint. They are available in 500ml, 1L and 5L sizes. 


This article first appeared in Industry News Food & Beverage on 19th May 2021.


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