Date and Davidson Plum Ice Cream

Whether for a summer afternoon BBQ, a long weekend gathering with friends, or just as a dessert to make to share with your family, this ice cream is your answer. It’s quick and simple, yet tastes luxurious and delicious, and when you serve it up to your friends and family, they’ll think you went all out and crafted a masterpiece. Serve it on top of your favourite cake, sprinkled with our Cacao Coconut Crunch Granola or just straight up by the bowl!

  1. Boil waiter and soak the dates for 10 minutes.
  2. Let ice cream soften slightly and then scoop ice cream into a stand up mixer or food processor.
  3. Add Davidson Plum Extract and Powder to ice cream and blend or mix until fully incorporated and a dark pink colour.
  4. Drain dates and add to ice cream, mixing just until incorporated.
  5. Scoop ice cream into a rectangular bread tin, lined with baking powder and place in the freezer to re-harden.
  6. Once hard again, serve and enjoy!

Alternate with different Australian native fruits depending on your flavour preference!

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