Getting Through Winter With Native Australian Superfoods


Winter is well and truly upon us so we’ve put together a few ways you can keep warm and healthy over the next few months. It’s so important to ensure your body is getting the right nutrients to keep your immune system functioning well so keep reading for maximum benefits and to get the most out of your native Australian superfoods. 

Kakadu Plum

These are the shining heroes of your winter months. This ancient fruit boasts the highest amount of Vitamin C than any other fruit in the world (100 times more than an orange!), and it has outstanding antioxidant capabilities. Vitamin C is crucial for preventing the flu as well as for fighting off cold and flu symptoms and will help boost your immunity which keeps you functioning at your best. It’s also renowned for improving skin hydration levels, which during the winter is a must as skin can dry out more easily.

The easiest way to include this gem into your daily life is by adding a teaspoon of our Freeze Dried Kakadu Plum into your smoothies first thing in the morning.

Need some inspo? Find our recipe here

If you’re not a smoothie person first thing in the morning, don’t be distressed. We’ve got you covered with our Kakadu Plum Sweet Potato Wedges. They’re the perfect snack during the day or can be served as a side for dinner and they are just oh so delicious! Find the recipe here.

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Cinnamon Myrtle

Warm, spicy and earthy, Cinnamon Myrtle can be used in place of regular cinnamon for a delectable boost in flavour and helps with stomach problems as well as indigestion and heartburn. This wonderful spice has a cooling effect on the body.

During the winter, we love enjoying Cinnamon Myrtle in our pancakes first thing in the morning. If you’re yet to try our Banana, Out and Cinnamon Myrtle Pancakes, you’re in for a treat! Find the recipe here.

It also works well in curries, stews and middle-eastern dishes and makes crumbles, cakes, pies and muffins more scrumptious. It is also pleasant and soothing as a herbal tea.

Try our winter warm recipe of Morrocan Vegetable Curry with Cinnamon Myrtle.

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Finger Lime

Bursting with zesty goodness, finger limes are your best friends during winter. Each Finger Lime contains three times the Vitamin C found in a mandarin. With its refreshing citrus lime flavour, they can also be used in dressings, jams and sauces, cordials and cocktails. It can substitute for ordinary lemon or lime, wherever they are used!

You can start your day off with our Finger Lime Chia Jar which works all year round and will give you that Vitamin C kick first thing in the morning.

In the evening, warm yourself up with our Thai Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup which has our Freeze Dried Finger Lime powder in it.  This one is sure to keep you nourished and warm!

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We’d love to hear other ways you enjoy keeping warm with our native Australian Superfoods!

Until next time,

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